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MommyLicious Maternity: The Sexy Side of Pregnancy, Without the Price Tag

Spearheaded by young entrepreneur and mother of two Natalia Benshaw, MommyLicious Maternity is launching at, an exclusive online store featuring a signature line of maternity lingerie, sleepwear, nursing bras and nursing lounge wear, as well as many other hot products such as high quality diaper bags, baby bedding, plus many assortments of baby items.

Pregnancy can be a very overwhelming experience, and many women don't know what to expect when it comes to body changes and wardrobe. Most just assume that they can simply wear their husband's t-shirts or purchase clothes a size bigger, but truth is, that's only a temporary fix. Regular clothes are not tailored to fit mommy curves, especially that big baby bump.

"Mommylicious Maternity collections are specifically designed and made from fabrics that will grow with you and transition with you after baby so that you look and feel good all throughout your amazing journey!" explains Natalia Benshaw, co-founder. "Most women think that all maternity clothes are expensive or matronly, and for the most part they are! After going through two pregnancies I had to create Mommylicious Maternity to fill an obvious void in the market. We've set out to help women's jackets hot mamas everywhere retain their unique sense of style without breaking the bank! In addition, we've designed a smoking hot line of sexy maternity lingerie and adorable nursing tanks and bras! We believe that if you look good, you'll feel better - and when you feel good, the baby feels good," she added.

MommyLicious Maternity has created the perfect solution for all of your maternity clothing needs. We've put together all of our best Basic Black pieces in three levels of starter bundles! Our "I Want It All" Starter Bundle is priced at $179.99 (10% off your total if you were to buy the products individually).

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About Mommylicious Maternity

Once upon a time, in a little town called Woodland Hills, California, Natalia Benshaw was pregnant with her second child. It was both an exciting and hectic time since she had so much to do before baby Presley made her grand arrival. One thing Natalia already knew from her first pregnancy with baby Adriana was how her body would be changing. Only this time, she was determined that her sense of style wasn't going to change as much as the first time. Natalia went to all the usual suspects in the mall. She checked out boutiques and wandered to the high-end places, where she then too discovered something that several of her friends were already complaining about: cute pregnancy clothes are limited, not very attractive and expensive. Hence, Natalia partnered with her husband, Brook Fain, who gathered a team of key players and helped put together the website. The couple then teamed up with a young and talented fashion designer, Marie-Eve Freda. Hence, a third baby was born: MommyLicious Maternity, a small California-based business going against the big dogs with a mission, with all clothes produced locally in the United States.

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Michelle Obama: Fashion Designer & Broadway Star Dresses First Lady

Michelle Obama was photograph fashion coats ed layering LOLLY by Obvious Clothing as she returned from Camp David on October 3rd. Lolly is designed by Chad Kimball, star of the Tony Award winning musical MEMPHIS now running on Broadway. The first lady attended the musical with her family in the spring and later invited Kimball to sing at the White House for the first family, which will air on PBS October 20th. In the photo above, the first lady effortlessly couples the Lolly collection with the Lion Crest pullover and the Houndstooth cardigan.

Other celebrity followers of the Obvious Clothing brand include: Natasha Bedingfield, Brooke Burke, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale as well as Fergie, who named Obvious Clothing one of her personal favorites in 'People Magazine'.

ABOUT: Obvious Clothing and Lolly are an unusual triple threat of style, theatre and entrepreneurial fortitude of brothers Todd and Chad Kimball. Obvious Clothing debuted in 2006 with a charming collection of women's premium tops that entwines contemporary and vintage styling into alluring silhouettes. Lolly by Obvious Clothing premiered in 2009 with a lush, buttery soft and simply sexy knitwear collection. Lolly is a whimsical twist on a wardrobe classic.

The Obvious Clothing brand has received remarkable acclaim from national media including 'Cosmopolitan', 'People' and 'UsWeekly'. Complementing their strong press credits is Obvious Clothing's national and international partnerships, Obvious has been carried by major retailers and finer boutiques including: Bloomingdale's, Macy's, Nordstrom and Fred Segal.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Shoppers are Saving Thousands of Dollars with the New My Shopping Genie Web App, Free Online Price Comparison Software

Sue Goldstein, known as the Underground Shopper, beacon of discount bargains, declared on CNN that My Shopping Genie is the best tool "to find the best prices on everything."

This free app is a great boon to busy holiday shoppers in this season's economy. Reports show that the average person using My Shopping Genie saves hundreds of dollars monthly, and some over a thousand, plus they save hours of searching for the best deal.

To attest to it's soaring popularity: On October 5, 2010, My Shopping Genie shot to 2nd place in the Alexa Traffic Ranking charts with a ranking of 8,622, from 4th place on September 2 with a ranking of 13,470. My Shopping Genie passed Amway, Melaleuca,Pre-Paid Legal Services, USANA, Mary Kay, NuSkin, Monavie and Tupperware, second now only to Avon.

You can download the free app alone, or also make money with the Genie. Its most unique feature is that it combines affiliate marketing with network marketing. women's jackets Another unique feature is that it sells nothing! Distributors only give away the free app to consumers, and get paid by the sellers when people click, even if they don't buy. It is the only business that pays pay-per-click income. The average person searches 88 times per month. The average Genie returns approximately $3 per month in click income. There is additional affiliate income for purchases made through some retailers like Amazon, Clickbank, and DigiDn. My Shopping Genie partners with Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Google Product Search.

Yet another unique aspect of My Shopping Genie is that it provides advertising for businesses that actually pays the business, vs. costs the business. That's because a business can give away the app to consumers, and as a result appear on top of his Google search whenever he uses the app. The business then gets paid whenever it gets exposure, vs. paying for impressions. A truly unique concept! My Shopping Genie is the only business that rides on top of all the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and Bing.

My Shopping Genie serves a verity of industries including women based businesses, movies, music, moving companies, automotive, food, beverage, weddings, interior designers, jeans, dating, boats, golf, entrepreneurs, sports, football, holiday resorts, medicine, Viagra, Cialis, Iphone, cloths, lingerie, rental, real estate, staging, design, internet marketing, seo, shopping, holiday shopping, black Friday, Consumer Reports, PPC, internet marketing, online marketing, flat screen TV, pizza, washing machines, dryers, VCR, DVD, CD, games, video games, jobs, finance, travel, wine, Itunes, Apple, computers, ecommerce and insurance agencies like health insurance, life insurance, car insurance.

My Shopping Genie international will index services and products from Austin, Dallas, New York, Miami, Los Angeles to Ireland, Canada, Australia, Europe, England (United Kingdom), New Zealand, Spain and even Russia.

Non-profits and chambers of commerce, are especially attracted to My Shopping Genie because there is no selling to do, and everything the distributor needs is provided for under $200: website, flyers, business cards, banner ads, training, and customer support. The entire business is digital and internet based, no inventory or shipping costs, and is international.

Truly, My Shopping Genie is quite a revolutionary, multi-faceted company. It gives shoppers the best prices in the least time for free. It also gives anyone the option to make money by combining affiliate marketing (pay-per-click income (PPC)) with network marketing, and actually pays businesses to advertise and brand themselves. Readers can get their free Genie here:

About My Shopping Genie

My Shopping Genie is a free, leading, innovative online app that provides families and businesses a fast and simple way to comparison shop and save money on necessary purchases. Free, personalized training and support is also provided to start an online business with the Genie, or to arrange advertising that pays an existing business.

Yifat, Cohen,
My Shopping Genie International
info(at) myshoppinggenieinternational(dot)com


Share Gospel Hope with a New Line of Christian Gifts

Christians look for many ways to share the Good News about Jesus. E-mail signatures, social media posts, and gift giving are unconventional ways share hope with people God places in our paths and in our hearts.

"Three:13 Christian gifts are the new way to share faith, encourage others, and reach out to communities with the Gospel message of Hope," three:13 marketer, Charli Kreienkamp.

Based on the Scripture Hebrews 3:13 which commands us to "encourage one another daily, as long as it is called 'Today'"(NIV) three:13 products are meant to do just that—encourage. Three:13 gifts equip pastors, church leaders, teachers and believers can build relationships and share Christ with those they encounter.

Affordably priced for bulk purchase, the developers of three:13 made sure that everyone has the opportunity to encourage.

Grace Notes
Women serve and inspire, lead and motivate. Recognize their efforts with a gift of grace. Grace Notes offers devotion booklets, glass magnets, a pen and bookmark set, and a sticky pad note-holder—all with Scriptures to encourage. Mom Appreciation Bookmarks help children share their thanks too.

Built Up in Jesus
Keep the men in your circle built up in Jesus with resources that encourage them to stand strong. This collection offers a devotion book and special tape measure. Dad Appreciation Bookmarks help children show dad gratitude too.

A Living Hope
Encourage family devotional time with A Living Hope resources. This collection includes an adult devotional book, pocket coins with Jesus' story, an Easter magnet puzzle, and a family devotional set.

Share the Gospel of Christ with visitors of your food pantry, clothing drive, Easter outreach events, or church service. Teachers can also utilize gifts for craft ideas, or to recognize parents.

Visit or call 1.800.541.5690 to purchase three:13 gifts for your entire congregation.

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Three: 13 Website:

Three:13 Facebook page:!/pag fashion coats es/Three13-Christian-Gifts/180580945307166?v=wall


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Juliane Camposano: Eco-Friendly Super Woman is The Conscious Mom's Guide? First "Inspiring Woman"

Christine Agro, Founder of The Conscious Mom's Guide? (TCMG) announced today that Juliane Camposano is the first to be featured in TCMG's Inspiring Women feature. The feature, in question and answer form, retains Agro's chatty, homey interview style, but condenses the interview into ten or less questions.

"Juliane is very inspiring to me" Agro said, when asked how she chose Camposano as the first Inspiring Woman, "I am so impressed with Juliane's commitment to the environment, her passion to manifest a dream, her humor and her love of her family."

Camposano has a full time job as a Creative Director for L'Oreal as well as being a wife and a mom to two boys. In her 'spare' time she recently launched Rosel which is an eco-friendly knitwear line. The clothes, designed by Camposano, are made from eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics including organic cotton and bamboo. Rosel emerged out of Camposano's personal need to find clothes that did not irritate her overly sensitive skin.

"I love the energy of The Conscious Mom's Guide site," acknowledges Camposano, "Christine has done a great job with TCMG and I am excited and a bit humbled to be the first profiled as an Inspiring Woman"

"Juliane is living her passion and manifesting her dream," says Agro, "the point of the Inspiring Women feature is to both celebrate women for who they are and to inspire the women who read the feature."

As a clairvoyant and natural healer, Agro has been working for 10 years with women one-on-one in all stages and phases of womanhood. She launched The Conscious Mom's Guide? in September 2009 to reach and support a greater audience, in a fun and interactive way. TCMG is a membership site, although basic membership is free and offers access to the entire site. The site includes articles and audio interviews done by Agro with experts from a wide range of fields. Unique to the site are HerScopes and KidScopes which are monthly horoscopes that offer insight, support and guidance from astrologer Kathy Biehl. Supporting members pay a yearly fee and gain direct access to Agro. Benefit Tips: Find Street Fashion Online(may be you can find what you want on the s include on-line chats in which supporting members can ask her anything, about pregnancy, health and wellness, parenting, relationships, pets -nothing is off-limits. Supporting members may also attend tele-classes and weekly meditations led by Agro herself.

"The whole site is designed to help women live life more consciously," says Agro, "and for those who can't afford to work with me one-on-one, TCMG Supporting Membership offers an opportunity to gain suport and guidance in a similar way."

For Media Only: to read the full Inspiring Women Q&A and to explore the site, please contact Christine Agro via email for a site username and password.

About Christine Agro
Christine Agro has degrees in Naturopathy and Western Herbs from The School of Natural Medicine and she is an internationally recognized clairvoyant and spiritual teacher. Her work focuses on supporting women, families and children in all phases and stages of their lives. Using her unique approach, Christine provides clients with a truly holistic overview of their health, wellness and well-being. Praised by grateful parents and celebrity clients across the globe for her intuitive and extraordinary gifts as a healer, she has been hailed as "magical", "transformational" and "inspiring." Christine Agro has been featured in The New York Times, interviewed on radio shows around the world and quoted in health and consumer magazines and e-zines nationwide. She is the founder of The Conscious Mom's Guide?.

Christine Agro's Availability
Christine Agro is available for radio interviews where she is happy to answer questions from listeners. She is available for TV interviews and how-to demonstrations (such as making healing salves, nutritional vinaigrettes and herbal teas) as well as reviews of products that support conscious living such as reusable bags, water bottles and water- based nail polish. Christine is also available for speaking engagements. For more information about her, visit both The Conscious Mom's Guide and .

About Juliane Camposano
Juliane Camposano was born and raised in Germany and educated at Central St. Martin's School of Art and Design in London. She moved to New York City in 1995 where she began her career in fashion and beauty advertising and is currently working as a Creative Director for L'Oreal. In February 2009 Juliane Camposano launched the eco-friendly knitwear line Rosel. The designs are made of environmentally sensitive fibers and materials and are created for the comfort of women. For more information about Rosel, visit .


Copycat Fashions Launches a Purrrrfect Solution for Women Who Want Designer Custom Fashions at an Affordable Price

New York's Fashion week is here again and Copycat Fashions is pleased to announce the launch of their premier site offering women the ability to upload images of garments they want to have made or remade at a cost that will not break the purse!

Copycat Fashions grew out of the need to offer women American made, high end garments at lower prices. According to the Head Designer and Co-Owner, Denise Lasprogata, "After the recession hit, women were coming to my studio off of Park Avenue asking me to make them multiples of old designer pieces they owned or would even bring me tear sheets from high end retailers' catalogs asking if I could make something similar at a fraction of the cost. Word of mouth spread as I never advertised this service and month after month more women came knocking on my door armed with clothing to remake in various colors and with changes to the design. While these women were relatively well off "Park Avenue Ladies", they were not willing to spend what they used to. It appeared as though the consumer finally caught on that yes, the retail mark-up was breaking their purses and they were smart enough to seek out another means to get similar clothing items for less."

After several years of not only designing her own collection, but also developing a thriving business of redesigning and making clothing for women from tear sheets, magazine clippings and also original clothing women wished to have remade, Lasprogata linked up with her partner, Chad Phillips to extend this service online. The designer claims, "It is a financially sound solution for women who know what they want as most of my women do, but also do not want to spend an arm and a leg ge Tips: Find Street Fashion Online(may be you can find what you want on the tting it. Now women can request the color they want, select fabrics and make style changes as well. For example, I have had women tell me they want to remake a sleeveless blouse into one with sleeves to hide their upper arm or that red is a much better color on them so they want to change the garment color. After all, the fashion minded woman has her own eye and it is important to adhere to the customer's wishes."

So exactly how does Copycat Fashions work? To begin, the site has a few options and is easy to navigate. Consumers simply upload images of garments they want made. These can be images of garments from runway shows, magazines, catalogs, or for instance even a look they saw on the streets of Milan or Paris. After Copycat Fashions receives the images, the team reviews the cut and fabric option and sends back a quote for production. If the consumer agrees to the price, then the team goes to work. On average, they offer 30-50% off original garment prices. A second option is to submit pictures of a garment that one wishes to have remade. It could be that perfect dress that has been "worn out" too much or a pant with a perfect fit. Again, the team sends a quote for the item and if accepted by the consumer, they are asked to mail the original to the Copycat office on Madison Avenue. Finally, Copycat Fashions has an online design studio where women can customize their own garment. Each month Copycats Designer creates a new look for women to "play with" allowing them to add sleeves and collars as well as select shape and fabrics.

The Copycat Fashions team prides themselves on the fact that all production is done right here in New York City. While both owners are originally from Philadelphia and have both studied and worked in Rome, Italy, it is here in New York that they operate Copycat Fashions making American made fashions for the American woman!

For more information, please visit the Copycat Fashions website at